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First Nations Education Guide for Graduate Students

Find journals and other resources for publishing and researching in the field of First Nations Studies and Education.

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Recommended Databases

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Looking for a specific journal? 

In the link below, you will find our all of our journals we have immediate access to listed A-Z.

If there is a specific journal you want to view, but you can't find it on the journal list, you can place an inter-library loan request for a specific article within that journal. 

For more information on placing an inter-library loan request, please navigate to the "placing an ILL request" page of this guide for directions or navigate to the "research help" page to connect with a librarian. 

Find a specific article

  1. Search with the identifying information you have about the article, particularly the DOI or title and author. You may also want to try the journal title.

  2. Select the title of the article in the results list, then scroll down or select Details to verify that you found the right one.

  3. If your article doesn't appear at the top of the list, try selecting Articles or Newspapers search under Resource Type.

  4. If you still don't see the article, select the checkbox for Add results that require delivery time. This will include articles that we don't have immediate access to, but you can request them at no charge.